Gale and heavy rain in Paradise /Huahine 16:48.700S 150:59.491W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 20 Jul 2008 03:20
The sailing from Moorea to Hauhine was great,with good winds on the beam,full sails including the mizzen stay sail,and several other yachts visible all night long in a moonlit ocean.VHF contact with S/Y Imagine in the morning,and they decided to go to Maroe Bay on the east coast,while we headed for Avae Bay on the southwest corner of Huahine.To reach Avae Bay,one enters Avemoa pass,just outside Fare,the main settlement on Huahine.We could then proceed inside the barrier reef for 1.5 hours,before reaching Avae Bay.The anchorage here was beautiful,with a long beach,a small resort ,and a bay protected by a mighty ringreef good for snorkeling.The first day was very nice,but our grib files showed bad weather approaching,and in the night we had a gale hauling with windspeed of 30-35 knots.This has kept on for 2 days,allthough it seems to settle down now when reaching the evening of day 2(consistent with our recent grib-files).Since the reef protects us from the ocean swell,this has been no problem,but the heavy windgusts have been hard on our anchor,and we have had to keep anchorwatch 24 hrs.At the moment there´s a heavy rain outside,but the wind has settled.This is a picture of paradise,that you will never find in the advertisements.
The plan is to remain here tomorrow,and then proceed to Raiatea.Since our WiFi connection in Moorea was unreliable,we could not send any pictures,but when we have a better internet connection,we will revert.