Heading for Marquesas day 8 at sea 6:27.230S 106:36.363W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Tue 22 Apr 2008 11:54
The days are passing by.We have had a steady tradewind from southest the last 5 days,but still quite uncomfortable seas from southwest.Everybody are well,and the children in a remarkably good mood.Every day is quite scheduled allthough everything goes in a slow pace.
At 8 o´clock we have 1 hour radio participating in Pan-Pacific net.Then there is "shower"(bucket on deck),and breakfast.The watermaker is started up running for a couple of hours and the children do schoolwork in the afternoon.There are normally some cleaning,service/minor repair every day,and navigation work.At 18.00 we have radiocontact with the American boat Gaviota,and Portuguese Navigo,both sailing in the same area.Around 19.00 we have "popcorntime"before dinner.Around 19.30 there is another radionet we try to participate in called the Marquesasnet.Most cruisers on their way to Polynesia paricipate,giving positions and weathercircumstances.In the evening we read and also check mails.First nightwatch starts at 21.00(normally Felix and Carolina).Once a week there is "movie" on one laptop in the salloon.Felix and Gabriel also plays computergames,and Carolina spends some time painting.
The "cockpitdiscussion" was about trademarks.I bought expensive Timberland boatshoes 2 years ago,only used on the boat.They got saltwater on them,and both lost their bottom!They certainly didn´t pass the "Southpacific quality control".A couple of months ago I bought an Omega Seamaster divingwatch,expensive and famous trademark.After it´s first dive in the Galapagos it had moisture inside!It didn´t pass the qualitytest neither.I´m sure both these trademarks once were coming from companies with ambition to produce qualityproducts.Nowadays though, when globalized commercialism is the new religion,it seems as if the most important thing for the companies is fast cash for their shareowners giving a short perspective on company ideology,and in the eternal hunt for money,pressing production prices on behalf of quality?
Other famous trademarks are for example Britney Spears,Björn Borg,lots of footballplayers etc,all of them surrounded by a "commercial machinery" for money production.We do live in a time of gread,don´t we?