From Hammerfest to Finike

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 7 Apr 2016 14:44
After a 2 week surgery assignment in Hammerfest (in the very northern top of Norway) I came back home for easter. If Hammerfest was left in heavy winter with loads of snow(the famous Norwegian Cruiselineship -Hurtigrutten heading north in the picture), back home was spring with some early flowers coming up in our garden. Easter was spent with the family and all children coming home from their universities. The week after Bertha was working and I spent my time doing my tax declarations (in a country where "born free, taxed to death" is a universal saying your tax declaration is very essential). Working both in the U.K, Norway and Sweden,both as an employee,and for my own company my tax situation is a bit extra. With some external help I hope I made it.......
Being onboard Dora Mac again I´m preparing for our departure out of Turkey next week. One of my surgery collegues will arrive April 11. We will fill up with supplies,top up tax free diesel and depart for Rhodes preliminary on April 13.
In Rhodes we will pick up 3 more collegues and head west through Greece. Late April my collegues will disembark and Bertha with my mother will arrive Naxos early May and spend 2 weeks cruising the Greek archipelago. Around May 20 some of my old sailingfreinds will arrive and we will keep on heading west through the archipelago. Late May the plan is to cross over to Malta (around 450Nm/3days crossing) with a preliminary arrival on May 28-29. That will be the end of "heading through the Med part 1". The schedule looks good on a laptop screen but as usual reality will contain disclaimers like "weather (and boat) permitting".

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