All alone in Auckland

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 11 Jan 2012 01:02
Life is full of "farewells",saying goodbye to Womble in the Bay of
Islands,Bernardo in a bookshop in Auckland,but most sadly to Bertha and
children after 3 weeks of lovely sailing in 2 of N.Zeelands most renowned
sailinggrounds(Bay of Islands,Hauraki Gulf).
Auckland has been a sort of final destination in our minds since leaving
Sweden 2007,and the "city of sails" is a lovely city.Last year my wish was
to continue in tradewindbelts from New caledonia to
Brisbane/Qeensland/Australia.The reason was shorter/easier sailing but
most it fitted into my timeschedule before having to return to Sweden
October last year, and avoiding a skippered deliverance to NZ.Bertha
convinced me about New Zeeland though,and now with history in our pockets
(flooding and cyclones on the Gold Coast in Queensland late autumn 2010)we
can only be grateful.
We never knew from the beginning what to do when reaching NZ,but when
coming down to Whangarei January 2011 we decided to keep Tarita(instead of
selling her),invested some money in a refit, and are now planning to ship
her on an Oceancarrier from Tauranga to St Thomas in the U.S Virgin
Islands/Caribbean.I will revert to Tarita late April,and sail her home the
"Classic Route"(eg. Caribbean-Bermuda-Azores-England/France-North
Sea-Sweden).Hopefully she will be back in Trosa late August 2012.........