South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 14 Feb 2008 18:41
This is a real nice place,a gathering point for all the cruisers in the area.
People come here to exchange experiences,wash,fill water,use the shuttle to the
supermarket,browse the internet,change books,and have dinner in the evenings.
It's only 5 minutes dinghy drive from Tarita's anchoring place.
Our plan is now to remain outside Kimikalki,pick up Tell and Olle on Feb 16,
and bring them to Sarifundy's for a "warm up".Feb 18 we will revert to Curacao
Yacht Club again for gelcoat repairs,and preliminary leave for the San Blas on
Feb 20.
We have to count on a hard sail with 35-40 knots of enforced tradewinds,and
heavy seas at least as long as we are inside the continental shelf.The plan is
to go north of Aruba and pass north of the continental shelf as soon as