Heading for Marquesas day 11 at sea 7:52.667S 114:44.645W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 26 Apr 2008 07:57
We passed halfway today.The last 2 days have been with light winds of 8-10 knots from southeast.In nighttime we fly our mizzen staysail,and in daytime we have sailed lightwind spinnacre.In that way we manage to stay on 5-5.5 knots with reasonable 24 hr distances.
As far as we can see from the Grib-files and from radioreports of fellow cruisers,these light winds seems to go for the whole area.We also get "tailored weather" from Karsten in Panama(a representative for the Swedish Ocean Sailing Club) every third day over e-mail.The nights are lit with a beautiful moonlight and stars brighter then ever.The children normally remain in the cockpit with their Ipods in the evenings,enjoying the tropical nights at sea.
The discussion in the cockpit today,we reverted to the subject of "truth",and yes we found some specific "truths" for the Swedish society of our time.
Driving with alcohol is one of the most seious crimes you can commit in Sweden.Beating someone or stealing is considered more harmless.
Carry a helmut whenever possible.Life can be dangerous.
Carry a lifewest in vicinity of water.Water can be dangerous(A suggestion is to read the book "I trygghetsnarkomanernas land" by David Eberhardt)
Don´t be to proud of your country/flag.It resembles fascism.
Men and women are the same(not only equal but more or less the same).
Children learn early that they are all the same,and no one is aloud to be superior.Therefore in the day of St Lucia,all girls are Lucia,and not as it used to be one of the girls in the class.
And so on ........
If one would live in Sweden 1920,the truths would have been different or why not in Russia 1960.
The crucial point is if one sticks completely to the "truths" of ones society or not.If so,perhaps one should reflect over what clothes one would have worn in Berlin 1939.........