Western ego

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 29 Sep 2010 00:18
25 years ago I still used to stop in the highway if someone needed
assistance.Nowadays allways being in a hurry,I rarely stop to help
anyone.In the hospital I´m struck by the fact that even in case of
trafficaccidents lot´s of cars just pass without offering any help.
In the northern bay of Waya(Fiji),we came in with the dinghy during low
tide and left it on the beach.The SevuSevu procedure took some time and
when coming out from the chiefs house,two native teenagers where standing
in the water holding and protecting our dinghy.
When we came to Lifou we tied up neighbour to a French female neighbour
working as a nurse with the native people.When asking her about cars to
rent on the island,she persisted on letting us use her car(on the
picture).I would not have done the same for a foreign sailor in our
hometown of Trosa frequently visited by foreign yachts.She lived on her
boat with a 4 year old son,allways happy and helpful.
On the other hand she(and the Fijinatives) don´t have access to the level
of consumtion as we have in the "speedy"western world,which is so central
for our well being giving us total satisfaction in life.............