The archipelago of Vavau 18:41.335S 174:07.877W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 16 Sep 2009 04:34
Since Martin left us the weather has changed back to mainly nice tropical weather.We spent almost a week in Neiafu,enjoying the safety of this protected harbour,gathering with other cruisers(we are 7 Swedish yachts in Tonga for the moment).Three days ago we left Neiafu for the archipelago of Vavau.First visiting Port Morelle,we are now in the bay of Hunga,which is a very tranquile and nice/protected anchorage.Onboard we are now quite international with Thierry from France and a new crewmember:Colin Doig from the UK.The question is how we shall arrange our guestflags on the port spreader.The Tricolor has been dominating there for several weeks,but now we have to decide where Union Jack shall be placed.Below or on top of the Tricolor??
Today we went outside the reef for spearfishing,with a very nice reef and the presence of a black tip tail shark and a sea turtle.Yesterdays sunset was marvellous with all the djunglesounds from ashore,and the big bats you find in Tonga,flying over the trees.
Grib files show restored tradewinds on Sunday,and the plan is to leave for Fiji(450Nm) on Sunday or Monday.