The plan

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 6 Aug 2007 12:58

For many years Bertha and Claes,have discussed a future family adventure.The discussions have passed over working/and schools in the UK for a year, guestresearch year in Vancouver/Canada,longdistance sailing in the Mediterranian,and a year with surgery and research down under(New Zeeland/Australia).What we do know is that Felix will be 16 in March 2008,and if we want to be the whole family together it´s now!!

As the world seems to be changing fast(it´s called globalisation)and the climate seems to be changing faster then expected,some parts of the world will be more affected than others in a negative perspective.There are still remote areas in the South Pacific,but also here,things are changing fast(will the low atolls of Tuamotos remain in 50 years?,are there any coral reefs left?Will we see the Mc Donalds sign when approaching Nuku Hiva on the Marquesas in 25 years? And so on………..)

In November 2006 we decided to take Tarita to the South Pacific.We have now spent more than a year preparing,and in September Claes left his job for a year.He has partially worked as a private endoscopist in Stockholm/partially as a consultant surgeon in the north of Sweden/partially preparing for the Pacific(as a private endoscopist/surgeon one performs a less qualified job but earns considerably more money.Hmm……….).


Now the preliminary plan:Tarita leaves Trosa the last weeks in September,crewed by Claes,Mats, Göran and Anton.In Germany(Kiel),Mats and Göran will be replaced by Tell,and Tarita will pass the Kiel canal,over the North Sea to Linkeroever Marina in Antwerpen.There Tarita will remain in the marina until early January,when she will be loaded onto an oceancarrier (Sevenstar Ocean Yacht Transport).She will be transported to Willemstad/Curacao(E.T.A late January). In mid February Tarita will leave Curacao(crewed by Tell,Claes,Anton and Olle),for Panama,and spend a week in the San Blas Islands before approaching Panama,and the Panama canal transit.After Panama canal,she will proceed to San Cristobal in the archipelago of the Galapagos,hopefully arriving late March.In late March/early April Bertha with the children will arrive and  Tell/Olle will leave for Sweden.The children have permission from their schools,and school work according to plans will be performed onboard.

After 3 weeks of  passing the South Pacific ocean,Tarita will hopefully arrive in Nuku Hiva(still without Mc Donalds) in the Marquesas Islands (beginning of May).From there,the plan is to proceed over the Tuamotos,and to the Soceity Islands.In French Polynesia,the decision has to be made wether to remain in the Society Islands and leave Tarita at the shipyard in Raiatea,or to proceed to Fiji (over Cook Islands,Tonga and perhaps Samoa),and leave her at Vuda Point Marina/Fiji.In mid August it´s time for family Brodin to go home for jobs and schools.Lots of things will have happened,and we will all be carrying memories for a lifetime……………………..