Kale Köy

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 3 Sep 2015 16:34
Yesterday when heading westwards in open sea outside Kekova island we encountered strong headwinds with a Meltemi blowing around 30kts. On 1500rpm we could maintain a speed of 4,2kts but when increasing to 1600rpm we increased speed to 5,2kts.Once in leeward of Kekova island we headed to Ucagiz which was well protected from the Meltemi.
In Ucagiz we went to Hassan´s restaurant and had a good seafood dinner. The owner who´s well known in the cruiser world, knew our well known Swedish mediterranean sailor Ebbe Gustavsson.
Today we went out to Kale Köy and anchored stern to on Kale Restaurant.Only a short walk from the castle of the crusaders overlooking the beautiful hamlet,we prepared for a walk.The Meltemi though started to blow strong making this rather exposed anchorage uncertain.Some Gulets came in manouvering violently close to Dora Macand one bad situation was saved with a big fender thrown in between us and the drifting Gulet.The whole scenery was a bit caotic and we decided to leave for the more protected Gökkaya Limani.

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