Heading for Marquesas day 5 at sea 6:11.088S 98:47.398W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sat 19 Apr 2008 06:46
We met the southeast tradewind at 4 degrees 30 minutes south.Since then we have been sailing,but with very lumpy seas and lots of squalls with rainshowers and gusting winds up to 30 knots,on the whole quite uncomfortable sailing.Today the seas have calmed down a little and we managed to have "Friday drink" in the cockpit followed by a film in the saloon(the holy grail).
Right now it´s midnight and Bertha+Gabriel are sleeping,and the rest of us have sat in the cockpit under a fullmoon almost in zenith.
The "cockpitdiscussion"has been about the truth.Humans have killed each other for thousands of years to own the truth.Jesus was killed because he challenged the "owners of the thruth" within his own society (the chiefpriests). His own church later took patent of the truth among other things threatening to cut out the eyes of Galilei for persisting to say that the earth was round.
Today in western society we don´t kill in the name of truth but the fight for "owing the truth" goes on.My own field of surgery has seen many "popes" with the ambition to patent the truth in the surgeryfield.There are "truths" within every society as well,created and defined by the power.Which are the "truths" within the Swedish society?