Sandhamns Värdshus and MeToo

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 24 Nov 2017 19:33
This restaurant in Sandhamn has been open daily since late 1600. Being one mainentrance to Stockholm sailships from foreing port used to Call in here for customs and still today there`s an active pilotstation assisting international shipping. On the neighbour island Korsoe, the Swedish military used to Train marine commando soldiers but today still being a military island, training has gone elsewhere.
We spent a Nice evening on the restaurant eating traditional dishes drinking snaps and came into discussing the MeToo movement that has had a stronger impact in Sweden than any other country on Earth including the U.S where it all started.
The morning papers are full of News from the movement and With almost every profession signing up for MeToo in Sweden I was astonished on a Meeting With Royal College of Surgeons in Glasgow where my collegues from the U.K and Canada hardly had heard about MeToo...
In Sweden names of men accused of sexual herassment are published by a "cyberspace mob" without any legal trial and With the consequence of being fired from their jobs.
No doubt there`s a sad truth behind this movement but from there to being judged by a mob in cyberspace gives me a strong feeling of discomfort. Is it that easy to abort the safety of Our legal system (where if you are accused of murder are considered not guilty until Beyond reasonable doubt proven otherwise) ?
Moreover the vast majority of members of the MeToo movement consider all men guilty being part of a societyorder where men systematically supress women. This also gives me a strong feeling of discomfort since looking back in history collective guilt allways ended in catastrophy.
If looking for objective truth probably most sensible People know that not all men are part of this (probably quite few depending on definition) and also women take part in sexual herassment. Fortunately some brave journalists and writers (typically women) have given a much more balanced view on this topic.
Finally why is Sweden allways "best in class" in these kind of movements (serious rasebiologists in the thirties,most ambitious socialist state in the free world in the seventies,keen pedophilian hunters based on childwitnesses in the nighties, and With the worlds strongest statefeminism at present) ?
The future will show us how the MeToo movement will be looked upon from a historical perspective........

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