One of these days

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 9 Jun 2008 00:32
We have been at the Ahe atoll for a week now.A couple of days ago we learned to know some of the local fishermen also dealing with black pearl farming.2 days ago we visited their pearlfarm,and were invited into the mysteries of black pearl farming.They didn´t want to sell us pearls but were given pearls in exchange of things they wanted from Tarita.
Yesterday we went with 6 of them to the outside ringreef for spearfishing.It was some swell making it difficult to get into the water,but once there,we were all astonished by the extraordinary beauty of the reef and all it´s fishes.The water was crystal clear with a visibility of no less than 100ft.Sharks were all the time slowly cruising in our visinity,and never bothered us allthough spearfishing.After an hour we returned ashore,and the locals helped the children to get back on top of the reef in the swell.Once ashore,one of the fishermen went with me and Gabriel to pick coconuts for everybody to drink.We returned in the afternoon to Tarita,with 7 groupers,1 tuna and 3 octopusses.In the evening we had a barbecue with all the locals,in one of their houses ashore,also together with Marco and Margarita from Navigo,and Pierre from a French boat(we are only 3 boats here for the moment).Returning to Tarita around midnight we realized that this is as good as it gets.
Cruising is really ups and downs.A week ago we spent a night of solving problems out in the ocean because of a nasty cloudpassage.Yesterday we had "one of these days".It´s a mirror of life itself isn´t it..........................