Farewell to the South Pacific

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 25 Jan 2012 02:47
Tarita left our homeport,Trosa in Sweden September 2007 and has been under
way (with temporary stops in Fr Polynesia,Fiji and NZ) for more then 4
years.During this time we have logged some 15.000Nm,encountered some bad
weather(but no real storms) and Tarita has proven to be a very reliable
oceancruiser.Being a classic design of the eghties,she has a relatively
low bow making conditions rather wet in hard headwindconditions,but
otherwise being a yacht that feels equally at home in the ocean.
We have had our share of problems,most notably a gliding steeringquadrant
during Pacific Crossing,a burnt diode on alternator in Fr Polynesia,and a
broken safetytube on the Monitor windvane in the end of the Pacific
crossing.None of the problems have been difficult to handle and compared
to some other cruisers,our problems have been minor.
Choosing some favouriteplaces after a long cruise is difficult since local
conditions at the very moment you are visiting and island ,will influence
your impression enormously.Still I have some favourites.
Tikehau in the Tuamotos is by far the most beautiful place I have seen on
this journey and I can only agree with our French Polynesian Pilot "This
place is to good to be true".Lying anchored as the only yacht in the
atoll, just outside a small French resort (on a "motu")with the kind of
discrete luxury that perhaps only the French are capable of ,was an
experience beyond words.
Banedup and Nalunega in Kuna Yala (San Blas) must also be
mentioned.Outside the rainforrest of Panama mainland,with beautiful
reefs/islands(so far without tourism) and with the exotic Kuna Indian
culture around,this is the best I have seen in the Caribbean.
Palmerston not to forget for it's complete solitude, dotted in the middle
of the ocean and with very little contact with the rest of the world(four
ships/year call in from Rarotonga).
Finally Great Mercury Island in New Zealand,for a beauty and atmosphere
that cannot be described in words(allthough very different from tropical
islands in the South pacific)
Coming to diving,Tuamotos in Fr Polynesia is by far the best we have
experienced.The dive at Avaturu pass in Rangirua with the whole family,is
one of the best dives I ever did in my life.
Bengha Lagoon in Fiji is also very good diving if you are excited by
sharks(which I am).Here you will be able to dive with the "big
sharks",mainly bull sharks but also tiger sharks are seen on almost every
So many things have we seen and experienced together.Some very dark
days/nights have passed by,and some fantastic days/nights.All of it will
be in our memories throughout our lives, and join us all the way to our