Thoughts in a shipyard

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 17 Aug 2008 07:59
We prepared Tarita for the cyclon season and left her in the Raiatea
Marina. It was very sad to say good by to her. We reached our goal and our
family adventure come to an end. We are so sad to leave Polynesia and
wonder if we will come back and when and how? This was a fantastic and
unforgetable experience, and I am very proud that we took the decition
and we accomplished our goal.
French Polynesia , its islands and nature, its culture and above all its
people took our hearts.
From the polynesian people I would like to bring home, their happiness,
easy going, generosity, and family mind. the use to say the Europeans
hunt the time, but the time hunts the polynesian.
The sailing was more difficult that I had expected, instead of stable
trade winds we did experience quite unstable weather situations with
several gales. Also sailing in islands surrounded by coral rings, or ring
reefs like the Tuamotus with their passages and currents, and the ocean
swell were challenging
Before we left the Galapagos, I was afraid of seasicknes, no winds and
lumpy seas. Today I am most concern on a functional boat. I am more afraid
if equipment on the boat brake and do not know how to solve the problem
I am so proud of our children. I thought they were going to have hard
times, no friends, MSN, mobil telephones, TV, electricity and water
deficiency, and living in aprox 25 square meters with their parents all
the time.
They were the ones that enjoyed best, they grew and mature and we had
plenty of time for long discussions on all life subjects and also
enjoyed together nature experiences. I am very happy because their world
has broaden and I hope they take with them the best of the polynesian
Felix became a real good hand during sailing and developed very good
skills in snorkelling.
Carolina proved to be very calm on difficult situations and as we knew,
water is her natural environment, she has a wonderful fotographic eye for
Gabriel best was his diving, and his enormous knowledge on everything on
French Polynesia, Geography, history, nature,….we did not look at the
books… we asked Gabriel.
What I found harder was the family relations in our new roles. Sometimes
it was difficult. Five strong souls with own wills trying to cooperate
and made mutual decitions everyday for the best of the family. I became
the cooker, laundry lady, and active crew. . I wished I could know Tarita
better. not only be able to sail her but also understand how is she
built and understand her motor, and electric and electronic net. I guess
the best way is learning by doing yourself.I did learn some.
Also in some stressy situations like in hard weather, I felt so bad, and
my heart was beating like a polynesian drum….I said to my self: ”Sailing
is not for me” ”I am a rattle snake” and I have written this in my diary
so hat I do not forget.
Then: Will I do it again?
Yes, even the the long passage. But this time I want to participate in all
the boat equipment installations and learn to know every single screw in
the boat.
At the marina in Raiatea, we met Lis Clark, a single handed 28 y old women
that has been sailing for 3 years. I was very impressed by her. Obviously
she has the knowledge but overall she dared to do it. Blue water cruising
is man dominated. It has its credit to be a single handed , more over nice
and humble woman.