Arriving in Willemstad

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 31 Jan 2008 16:26
After a night at a hotel in London Heatrow,we had a long flight to Miami with
Virgin Atlantic.Due to 30 mins delay,we were in a hurry to catch up with the
connecting American Airlines flight.Thanks to assistance through the airport,we
managed to bord on time and landed at Hato airport ,Curacao 20.00 local time.
Humid tropic air,tradewind in the palmtrees,and breaking waves from the ocean
was nice to feel again,recognizing the Caribbean.
Arriving to Clarion hotel 15 mins from Willemstad,we had a beer in the bar and
went to bed.
We woke up to a tropical morning,had breakfast and went to the beach just to
smell the ocean.
After a cup of coffee,we contacted Sean Lines of Sevenstar,and learned to know
that Amstelgracht was delayed due to "some real bad weather"at the Atlantic,and
due to another ship hitting rocks outside Orinoco river in Venezuela.Ships
arrival in Willemstad is now Saturday February 2 around 11 o'clock.Tarita was
reported to be allright.