Vlieland to Brunnsbuttel

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Fri 25 Aug 2017 03:00
We left Vlieland in calm weather at 11.00hrs. At this writing moment it´s 04.00 in the morning and still dark. Going in the inshore trafficzone traffic has been reasonable allthough the "landscape" of this part of the North Sea has changed since I passed here 2008(with Tarita heading for Antwerpen).
Several areas are populated with windpowerstations and other constructions as a sign of permanent human impact also out at sea. It´s probably good out of a general environmental aspect, but it sure is ugly from a seamans perspective.
Preliminary we will pass Cuxhafen in to river Elbe just before lunch and expect to make landfall in Brunnsbuttel around 16.00hrs.The plan is to pass the locks into the Kiel canal and hopefully find a place for the night in Binnenhafen just inside the locks.