Evil circles in Paradise 12:58.528S 144:51.258W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Sun 1 Jun 2008 10:37
We now have 120 Nauitical miles left to go.Yesterday night we had some interesting experiences.Bertha woke me up at 01.30 because of a nasty looking cloud approaching fast.We decided that it was a sqall with a lots of wind,and conseqently reduced our sails.While doing that, the propellerrope from our watergenerator got trapped around the paddle of our windwane.After some acrobatic manouvers hanging down over the stern,we managed to sort it out.The cloud passed without anything else than some rain and we decided to reset the sails.Since the wind had died out,we needed the engine,but when trying to start,the starter didn´t respond.After 2hrs of fault research I found a defect contact,changed it ,started the engine,reset the sails and kept on sailing.It was now 06.30 in the morning,and we were more or less on the same spot as when it all started.Five hours of solving problems because of a cloudpassage!
At the time being,we have 24 knots of wind from astern,and estimate to reach the Ahe atoll around 20.00local time(GMT-10hrs).We will be to late for going through at high water slack(15.05 local time),so the tactics will be to heave to outside the atoll during darkness(regularly checking with the radar that we are not to close to the reef), and wait for low water slack at 08.59 the following morning.If all works well,you will hear from us once inside the atoll.