Bora Bora's impressions

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Tue 5 Aug 2008 22:42
Today we are spending our last day in BoraBora, and it feels very sad….we
are going home and the last days in the Society invites for job on Tarita
putin her onland.
We meet some of our old cruisers mates: Gaviota, and australians Damojo
in the Yacht Club for a barbacue. Sailing cruisers around have already
started their departures to Rarotonga in the Cooks islands or Tom Nils’s
island Suvorrov, and tomorrow maybe we will be the only ones left
We are certainy ff te track and no longer with the flock.
We liked Bora Bora on its own merits. Yes, there are lots of hotels but
build in a charmy Polynesian syle, melting with the nature, The east side
of the lagoon, anchorage outside the motu ”Piti Aau” reminded us of the
Tuamotus, long shallow water lagoon with ligh tuquoise,diamond clear
waters, coral reefs and long white sand strands , just few people, making
ourselves feel quite remote from the turistic part of the island. Back to
he Yacht club the island invites for ”Heiva” Polynesian dancing, barbecues
with cruising friends, and good restaurants. We had dinner yesterday at
the famous casual restaurant ”Bloody Mary’s”. We are very positevily
impressed, we would happily come back here.