Tikehau 14:51.800S 148:07.500W

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Wed 25 Jun 2008 03:12
We left Rangiroa at June 21,passing Avatoru pass at low water salck 06.50.The week in Rangiroa has been a gift for the whole family,mainly out of a diving perspective.
When coming out of the pass,the ocean was calm and flat and we motored all the way to Tikehau,entering Tuheia pass at high water slack without problems.Once inside the atoll,we headed for the Pearl beach resort,a french bungalow hotell on a "motu"(little island inside the atoll)where we were welcomed and advised over VHF to anchor just outside the owerwater bungalows.
Tikehau is a beatiful atoll,as the pilot says"almost to good to be true".We spent a night at the hotell,and really enjoyed showers,television,and above all "La Cuisine Francaise".
The plan was also todive here,since it´s famous for having extraordinary good diving(Jaques Costeau was here considering this to be one of the worlds best diving locations),but our generator broke making us completely dependent on solarcells and wind/watergenerator,and this fact combined with an unstable weathersituation developing made us decide to leave.What a wonderful atoll,and hotell,so remote and yet so well managed,with discrete French luxury,and for the circumstances a very good kitchen.