Time to move again

South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Mon 26 Jul 2010 07:50
Coming back to Tarita after 1 year in the tropics is allways a bit
disappointing.The sun and the salty air is hard on her appearance,and she
has survived 2 cyclones as well(Mick and Thomas).One literally has to oil
up the lock to get inside,and when coming inside I found lots of nests
from Geccolizards with hundreds of eggs especially in the bookshelf.I have
now spent 12 days with hard work to get her in shape again,and with help
of Felicio,Leo,and Adam(contractors at the marina)I think we have
succeeded.Majra(a Columbian women who sailed here from Cartagena),has a
good sewingmachine,and she has helped me out with canvasrepair.All
mainsystems are in operation and no major problems remain.I had to change
the main alternator because of overcharging,and now is a 90Ah Motorola
alternator fitted to Mr P(Perkins).
Bertha and the children are landing tomorrow,and the plan is to leave for
the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands.See you there!