South Pacific Familyadventure 2008
Claes Brodin
Thu 6 Aug 2015 09:56
After a long journey with delays on the airports we finally arrived to Dora Mac at 05.00 in the morning(Bertha,Felix and yours truly).We all slept until 11 o`clock and woke up to a heat difficult to describe. Being on shorepower we could run the airconditions making circumstances more comfortable.
Gabriel arrived 2 days later and 4 days were spent preparing for our tour along the Turkish coast. Bunker of food and water,filling up divetanks,topping up outboard fuel and change of gen set batteries.The Turkish Transit Log not to be forgotten, which is essential for being allowed to cruise Turkey. For the time being the Turkish coastguard is very active due to the situation in the Middle East creating a refugee situation with lots of refugees trying to make it from the Turkish coast to the Greek archipelago/EU.
Friday around lunchtime we left Netsel Marina and headed out on the Mediterranean sea.Circumstances were good with 10-18Kts of headwinds doing 6,2-6,4 kts on 1500rpm.On the whole a very comfortable ride down(with dolphins saluting) to Bozuk Buku where we anchored just before sunset.This was our first ride with Dora Mac alone and fortunately all went fine.We will stay in this bay some days and swim,rest and read. August 11 our daughter Carolina is arriving and our plan is to pick her up either in Bozburun or Gozek..