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Date: 27 Jun 2008 04:30:32
Title: Heading for Tahiti 16:46.672S 149:13.274W

Passing Tuheia pass at 17.30,was straightforward again,but once out at sea,we encountered faul weather with 25 up to 30knots of wind from SE,and heavy seas.The impression of an upset ocean in the darkness is scary,and all the children were more or less serasick.Gabriel spent the whole night sleeping with faul weather gear in the cockpit,and he summarized the sailing with some ugly Swedish words "jävla skit segling".
Today the ocean is calmer and we currently have 50Nm left to Papete.The plan is to arrive early morning and have a berth at Taina Marina.This will be the first time we are berthed ashore since Shelter Bay Masrina in Panama,and the first big city since Panama City.
Good to have some rest from camping life.

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