Finally on the water!

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Wed 12 Apr 2006 12:33
Last night about 22:15 we finally got the boat on the water. The launch
took three hours. This is the story:

The crane was standing near Nano - the crane owner had launched his own
boat the day before. He was too busy to launch us, but one of his drivers
was available to help us in the evening. He had not launched a sailboat
before, but I had taken pictures last spring, which showed how the lifting
frame and straps should be placed. After a bit of a struggle we got the
lifting frame into place, but the chains were touching the stays. After
some trial and error we realized that longer lifting chains were needed.
Down with everything, and put in extension chains. Time goes, but we
finally get most of the weight on the crane. The crane reports overload and
we have to carefully put the boat back in her cradle de rig all the lifting
gear, and move the crane two meters closer! Time goes. It gets dark. We
finally lift the boat clear of her cradle, and put anti-fouling under the
keel and on the bare patches where the cradle had been. Wait 30 minutes for
this to dry. Finally drop her in the water, organize mooring ropes, clear
up the lifting gear, arrange payment for the crane, and we get home just
before midnight!
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