Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Sat 4 Feb 2006 09:54
The log begins as the snow falls.

This is the log of "Nano" as she prepares for, then completes a crossing
of the Atlantic ocean to the Caribbean, and return back to Norway.

Today there is a light snow fall, and little to make one think of the
coming sailing. We do however have a number of jobs to do on the boat - so
even in the heart of winter, there is activity.

Today we confirmed the boat insurance, got som electrical bits and bobs
that I'd run out of, and created this blog. Looking for a suitable picture
reminded us of the summers gone by, and the long "all-year-summer" that we
will experience this year.

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Blog entries will be fairly infrequent now until we launch, but check in
every now and again for a status on how the preparations are going.

At the moment we are looking forward to meeting our potential crew for the
Atlantic crossing - Louise and Mike. Most of the other legs have yet to be
decided who will come with us. Nigel's parents will do the Caledonian
canal with us, and hopefully Mike and Louise will cross the North Sea to
Shetland. We will keep you informed as the different legs get decided.

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