Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Sat 11 Mar 2006 09:56
Winter starts to look like spring

While I have not written anything in the blog for a month, I have at least
done some jobs in the boat - despite cold weather, having a cold, and
prioritizing some great skiing on days of blue skies.

The solar panel got mounted this week - 100% complete, which means that the
roof panels in the boat are also back in place covering the wiring work.
This was one of the jobs that went acording to plan, being completed in an

While I had the internal roofing down, I put in an extra LED light over the
stove - low wattage and ideal for brewing a cup of tea on the graveyard

I had run out of jobs - the piping for the emergency bilge pump still
hasn't arrived - so have ended up doing things that are hardly "essential"
for an atlantic crossing. Today (after a super ski in the local hills under
blue sky, not a breath of wind, and a springlike -5), I pulled a 220V cable
from the inverter to our cabin in the forepeak.Tthis (when I get the job
finished) will mean that both shore power 220V, and from the inverter, goes
to a contact in our cabin - enabling Rxnnaug to use a hair dryer after

An outside job was to put on a boom-end fixture for use with a preventer. I
had taken the boom end off to have a small crack welded over, and with this
new slider in place the end could be pop-riveted in place again. As I have
just invested in a propper pop-rivet gun, this job was a real pleasure!

Other outside jobs will have to wait - we haven't had temperatures over
freezing for the last month. The tarpaulin is coming off on the 4th of
April - when we get back from our heavy weather sailing course with the
Challenge Yachts in Southampton. Then I can get to the mast top to mount
the new mast top tricolour, pull the new cable through, and get the second
genoa halyard pulled through. From then on it will be full action as we
prepare for the launch! I will keep you posted.
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