Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Tue 14 Feb 2006 09:56
Frustrating preparations

A nice cold and snowy weekend, ideal for skiing in the mountains, but a
couple of small jobs on the boat can be fitted in to the schedule you would
think. Not so fast! I had lined up three simple jobs, and here is how they

Job 1. Fit an LED lamp (red) over the nav-table. Simple - take down the
roof cover and make a hole, find some 12V, put it all back together. 30
minutes including a break for steaming hot tea.

Job 2. Put two extra genoa cars on the tracks so that we can operate a
trade wind rig more easily, plus be able to sheet a well rolled genoa
between the stanchions to get a good tight sheeting angle. This should
involve taking the car end-stoppers off (one screw each), sliding on the
new cars, and putting it all back together with a dab of silicone to keep
water out of the screw holes. To my dismay I discover that a 32mm genoa
track may not be completely standard. Jeanneau have used parts from Girot,
which I believe are now a part of the Plastimo group. As everyone has genoa
tracks of 25 or 32mm, I foolishly presumed that some international standard
existed for these, and ordered a pair of meaty Barton cars. The Barton
geona cars are indeed for 32mm track, but the thickness of the T-part of my
track is 6mm, whereas the new cars seem to be designed for 5mm thick track.
Three hours of sandpaper, filing, finally a dremel and an angle grinder,
and I now have two destroyed plastic sliders for the one car. I have
e-mailed the people I bought the cars from - we will await the outcome of
this fiasco. Beware any other Jeanneau or Benneteau owners with these Girot

Job 3. Fix the new high capacity bilge pump to its stainless steel mounting
and then put four screws through the mounting in the bilge. Estimated time
for this job about 10 minutes. The first two screws go in fine, but I just
can't get to put the other two in place - so I have to take off the saloon
table, take up the floor, move the sitting bench between the galley and the
table - then I spend the necessary 30 seconds putting in the last two
screws. Put everyting back into place again, and over two hours has passed.

So - no skiing for me that weekend! at least the new LED light looks good.
Just the right amount of light for night work, and only 0.7W power. I
really should change more lights to these LED's.
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