Sunday, February 05, 2006

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Sun 5 Feb 2006 09:55

Some notes about what we have done to make bNanob ready for our round trip
to the Caribbean.

Nano is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.2, from 1998 ( Origingal spec ) .
Purchased new and sailed home to Southern Norway by a very nice guy who was
sad to sell her, but had decided to change to a motor boat.

When we bought her in 2003 she was in very good condition b little used,
but also very little extra gear. She did have a spinnaker, which had never
been out of the sail-bag, but otherwise just standard instruments,
autopilot etc. She did have radar though, and a 6 man liferaft. While one
doesnbt need a heater in the Caribbean, one very certainly does need one in
Norway, so this was the first project we got going on. A snuffer for the
spinnaker was also ordered, and a UV protective bcondomb for the furling
genoa . Ibll list up the other bnecessitiesb we have purchased and

A heater utilizing the waste heat from the motor. Again, not exactly
essential in the Caribbean.

More diesel tankage. I ordered a sheet of 2mm stainless steel, and got a
couple of the welders at the factory to construct three tanks designed to
fit dead areas under the saloon table. Combined with a pump, lots of piping
and 6 valves, this now gives us 145l more diesel b the main tank is 175l.

DuoGen combined wind and towed generator. Great bit of kit, with good
service from the company in England. See

50W solar panel. Not much power b but it makes the third independent source
and is enough to run the fridge. I have been told that warm beer in the
middle of the Atlantic is justifiable grounds for mutiny! So if the motor
and DuoGen fail, it will be hand steering and running without lights b but
cold beers!

A new Genoa. The old one is a bit knackered, but is coming along to make
the other half of a trade wind rig, together with the new spinnaker pole
and necessary ropes and rollers .

Watermaker. PUR-survivor 40. This makes 5 litres per hour from 4 amps,
added to our 440l tank volume, we should be able to have the luxury of
showering every other day on the crossing.

Navtex. Nice for getting the weather forecasts and navigational warnings.

VHF speaker in the cockpit.

2 portable PCbs with charting software b and a TV-tuner with dish ariel.

An inverter of 150W b for the PC, soldering iron, charging drill batteries

An inverter of 1000W. Who needs so much power? Well, the ladies like to
blow dry the hair after a shower, so this is absolute highly necessary kit.
Works as a backup if the other inverter should fail.

Lee clothes and boards. The boat had no provisions for making sea berths,
so I had to do a fair bit of carpentry work in the rear cabins, and sewing
a cloth in the forepeak.

Break-in alarms. Simple movement detectors and a 120dB siren running of a
new 12V cigarette contack in the cockpit b also useful for powering the 55W

12V supply to power a PC-fan by our bed b it gets hot in the Caribbean.

A dan-buoy b self inflating type.

An extra bilge pump (not quite finished the installation of this yet). This
pumps 120 litres per minute b in addition to a 13 l/m standard unit, a
manual pump operated from the cockpit, and a stand-alone manual which can
be used from below. The most effective bilge pump is still the frightened
man with bucket.

Lots of storage boxes and securing straps. Half of the port cabin is
dedicated to storage, the other half for the fifth crewman b if there is

Segmentation of areas under the cabin sole. Errant beer cans can damage the
log and depth transponders b but not any more.

A drogue b but I am going to order a big parachute sea anchor and 100m of

A masthead tri-colour navigation light. This seems compulsory for the ARC,
possibly better visibility and less power consumption. A rotten job
installing it and pulling through a new power cable - which I will do when
we get the tarpaulin off in early April.

A bimini. I bent the aluminium tubing myself, fitting it all together with
end fittings etc. A local company sewed the cloth. Not tried it yet b no
doubt some modifications will be necessary.

I have probably forgottes som important things - I'll supplement this list
as I remember other details.
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