Ready to launch.

Nano's blog.
Nigel Anderson
Tue 11 Apr 2006 11:19
We went to Southampton to do a course about "Heavy Weather Sailing" - and
had real experiece from the first day. It blew force 8-9 and we were out
there! We learnt a lot, though at the time it wasn't that much fun as
coldness and sea sickness took its toll.

After the course we met Mike and Louise (the prospective crew for the
atlantic crossing) for the first time. This went very well, so all seems
set for them being with us from the Canaries.

Returning to Norway from the lush green spring of England, to morning
frosts and sleet showers was a bit of a shock, but the tarpaulin came off
as planned on Tuesday 4.4. Yesterday (Monday 10.4) we were technically
ready to be put on the water - ie boat sides cleaned ad waxed, antifouling
on, propeller greased. That is a record for us, under a week, and so early
in April. We didn't actually get to launch as the guy who ownes the mobile
crane was too busy launching his own boat, but perhaps we will get to
launch this evening. Launching isn't the same as being ready to sail - the
motor isn't ready to be started, and the wheel isn't on. Plus the cabil
sole is up awaiting some flexible piping work, and general dissarray rules
under deck. This will however soon be sorted.

One thing we learnt from the course was to have an emergency hatch cover
ready in case a hatch or window breaks. This got constructed yesterday
during breaks from cleaning enforced by some nasty hail showers.
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