Koh Yang & James Bond Island

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Steve & Chris
Sun 21 Apr 2019 13:37

08:15.879N 98:29.32E


Sunday 21st April 2019


Distance run: 22 nmiles


After a brief stop at the fuel dock to top up the tanks and settling up the bill at the marina office (ouch!), we made our way back along the channel and out into deeper water. 


Carefully following the wiggly line of posts along the channel to deeper water.


There wasn’t a breath of wind about, so we motored the 22 nmiles north into Phang Nga Bay to the little island of Koh Yang where we dropped the anchor.



We passed lots of groups of limestone karsts – outcrops that stick straight up out of the sea, often with sheer sides, and interesting shapes.



The shapes changed as we passed and saw them from a different angle.  Some that looked like one rock turned out to be two, or more.


We anchored next to this tall rock at Ko Yang


We lowered the dinghy and set off for Koh Ping Kan, about a mile away over very shallow water.  Together with Koh Ta Pu, this island is otherwise known as ‘James Bond Island’, as they feature in the film “The Man with the Golden Gun”, shot there in 1974.  We did a circumnavigation of the small islands, but did not feel the need to go ashore to be met by the many stallholders selling tourist tat.  We also needed to take into account the state of the sea, as the wind had picked up a bit and it was getting a little lumpy. 



Our first view of James Bond Island was from the back, the beach being on the other side. 



We rounded the corner and the famous beach came into view.                    The beach is behind the tall rock in the middle.


We headed back to the boat, lifted the dinghy and the anchor (in that order!) and headed off to Ko Hong.