Dove Lake

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Steve & Chris
Sun 7 Feb 2016 17:06

Sunday 7th February 2016


After lunch we set off again, and first on the agenda was getting back down the track from Marion’s Lookout.  Going down was no easier than coming up, especially at the tricky bit with the chain, but with care and taking our time we arrived safely back at the signposts, where we headed off in the direction of the Wombat Pool.


m_IMG_8927.jpg                m_DSC_8355.jpg

Carefully does it.                                                                                                              Straight on for the Wombat Pool and Dove Lake.


m_DSC_8380.jpg                m_DSC_8384.jpg

More wonderful views.


m_IMG_8932 (2).jpg                m_DSC_8388.jpg

No wombats but lovely colours in the water at Wombat Pool.


m_DSC_8392.jpg                m_DSC_8394.jpg


m_DSC_8396.jpg                m_DSC_8397.jpg


m_DSC_8398.jpg                m_DSC_8399.jpg


m_DSC_8400.jpg                m_DSC_8401.jpg

                                                                                                                                                Lake Lillie



“You are here” showed us between Lake Lillie and Dove Lake.


m_DSC_8404.jpg                m_DSC_8406.jpg

The boatshed at Dove Lake.


m_DSC_8407.jpg                m_DSC_8412.jpg

Dove Lake


We arrived at Dove Lake mid-afternoon, having had the most marvellous day.  We looked at the tourists taking selfies beside the lake before getting back into their cars (yes, driving to the lake is discouraged, but they still come) and thought about how much they had missed.  We signed our arrival in the register and were grateful to sink into a seat on the bus for the ride back to the Visitors’ Centre, where we treated ourselves to an ice cream before taking a slow walk back to the campsite.