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Steve & Chris
Wed 15 Jun 2011 00:43
37:50.4N 76:16.4W
Wednesday 15th June 2011
Distance run: 26 nmiles
A short trip north to Reedville which is a good overnight stop before heading up the Potomac river.  Conditions can apparently be quite lively if the tide is rushing out of the mouth of the river against the wind,so we plan to do that bit the next morning with the tide with us.
As we turned into Cockrell Creek to run up into Reedville, the smell of the menhaden processing factory hit us. This inedible fish is caught locally and the plant processes it into a number of useful oils for all sorts of uses.  The smell didn't stay for long as we moved upwind of the plant and around the corner into the creek and anchored in a very attractive spot.
The menhaden processing plant.                                                                        At anchor in Cockrell Creek, Reedville
Reedville houses along the bank of the creek.                                                    Main Street, Reedville.
View from the 'Crazy Crab' restaurant by day...                                                    ...and in the evening looking back along the river past Tim's Point.
We took the rib ashore and had a wander around up Main Street,stopping at Chitter Chatter's for icecream.  In the evening we went to the Crazy Crab for supper and enjoyed some of the local dishes.  The sugar toad fish were delicious, and Steve had crab cakes.  Both were accompanied by baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, which I adored but Steve found too sweet.
Strolling back to the rib I was enthralled by the fireflies which darted here and there, suddenly rising from the ground and bushes, little dots of light which seemed to come out of nowhere,shine brightly for a few seconds and then disappear. Wonderful.