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Thu 17 May 2012 00:59

Thursday 17th May 2012


This morning we took the rib across to the main town jetty which was quite crowded with local boats going about their business.  We tied up to the dinghy dock and only had to walk to the end of the jetty to find customs.  A very cheery lady in the customs office told us to go to immigration first, just across the road, so we walked across to their office below the Police Station and spent a very pleasant 10 minutes checking ourselves in and chatting about cricket (England were at that time 120 for 4 against the West Indies.)


Then back to the customs lady who asked a few questions before checking the boat in, and then we were free to wander the little town of Hillsborough.  It had a very friendly feel to it, and indeed everyone we passed wished us a “Good Morning”.  We bought a bag of mangoes from some children who said that school was closed for the day for a meeting, and some bread in one of the several supermarkets along the main street.  This was hot, thirsty work, so we stopped for a beer at a place where the verandah out back actually hung over the beach and looked straight out to “Scott-Free” bobbing about in the bay.


m_P5170048.jpg                    m_P5170051.jpg

The maintown jetty busy with local boats…                                                    this one unloading its cargo of essential supplies..Carib beer!


m_P5170053.jpg                           m_P5170054.jpg

The beach at Hillsborough, seen from the foot of the jetty.                                           The big, wide bay at Hillsborough.


We made our way back to the boat for lunch, and then lifted the anchor and made our way round to Tyrrell Bay, just a couple of miles around the coast.