A long hike - uphill!

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Steve & Chris
Tue 28 May 2013 02:12

Tuesday 28th May 2013


The weather has at last begun to clear a little, so today we went ashore to walk to the waterfall which we were told is apparently about an hour’s walk outside of the village.  I’m not sure whose walking that is, but it took us somewhat longer, and the last bit could not be described as ‘walking’.  It was more of a scramble over rocks and wet, very slippery earth.  We eventually came out at the waterfall, however, and decided that we would call it a day there, and not try to scramble any further to find the pool. 



The waterfall.


Going back down was much easier – we slid a lot of the way!  At least the rain kept off until we were back on the boat. 


m_IMG_1813.jpg                           m_IMG_1805.jpg

Our first sighting of Hanavave Bay under blue skies.                                                        S-F at anchor in Hanavave Bay, Fatu Hiva.


There was only one small village shop in Hanavave, and it did not sell bread, so I continued to perfect my bread-making skills.  I am quite pleased that my cannonballs have now evolved into quite a nice loaf of bread – as evidenced below.   I am rather hoping that the next island might actually have a bakery though – after all this is FRENCH Polynesia, so where are the baguettes!!