Suwarrow photos (2)

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Steve & Chris
Sun 13 Oct 2013 03:23

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On the ocean side of Anchorage Island.                                                                 Charlie feeding the sharks.


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A black-tipped reef shark and a grey shark waiting to be fed.                      Peter on Offshore Haven gave us this whopper.


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Steve swam with manta rays – these ones were not feeding, they came to be cleaned.


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We visited Gull Island with Charlie.                                                                           Young birds were everywhere, each sitting on its own nest.


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An egg about to hatch – where is Mum?                                                               Feed me!


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This hatchling struggles all by itself.                                                                         This one is firmly protected.


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A red-footed booby and chick.                                                                                   Another old bird.


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Charlie drives us on to Seven Islands                                                                       a typical sand and palm tree island.


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A young coconut crab with a healthy appetite!                                                  An adult coconut crab – look at those claws!


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Suwarrow anchorage in the fading afternoon light                                          S-F with anchor light on so we can find her in the dark.