Rachel & Alan arrive

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Steve & Chris
Sun 26 Jul 2009 15:47
Sunday 26th July 2009
We looked out for the 16:10 ferry, and they finally arrived at 16:50 (proving that Greek transport is not as perfect as some think!) waving from high up on the deck of the enormous ferry.
It's great to see them, both looking well but rather tired after a very hectic 36 hours leading up to their arrival, during which Rachel made 15 different journeys by a variety of transport methods.
We chilled out, caught up on news, had a wander around town and a late dinner, and went to bed at about 0130 with the plan of waiting to see when the wind died down before leaving for Ormos Panormos.
The wind picked up as expected during the night and was blowing F6-7 this morning, so we waited.  Alan had a rather rude awakening (literally) when the mosquito screen fell out of the hatch and landed on his face, giving a very unpleasant shock and a small gash across the bridge of his nose.
The wind continued unabated until well after lunch time and when eventually by late afternoon it was safe to leave the moorings we decided that it was probably best to wait until tomorrow morning when we would all be fresh.  Rachel and Alan were still feeling quite tired, so we all had an afternoon siesta instead!