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Steve & Chris
Mon 11 Aug 2008 21:48
36:41.831N 02:47.465W
As usual the wind was either right on the nose or absent altogether, and we motor-sailed all the way to Almerimar, some 120 nm east from Duquesa.  It was an uneventful passage with very few other vessels around - although a high-speed cat passed a little closer than preferred during the night. As you can see, it's hard work sailing - though to be fair I was off watch!             
We were joined by dolphins again - this time they seemed much more laid back and swam gently alongside, dipping under the hull in a slow, leisurely fashion.  It was the usual scrabble for the cameras and lots of photos of the water.  This one just about caught them!
The water was calm and still and amazingly clear, so we had an excellent view of the dolphins both above and below the surface.
Almerimar is a large purpose-built marina which is surrounded by apartment buildings - most of which are unoccupied.  It is certainly cheaper than we have found outside of Gibraltar.  The boats are moored up alongside the public pathway and security is non-existent. The surrounding countryside seems to be largely covered in plastic sheeting under which vegetables are grown.  Apparently most of Northern Europe's vegetables are grown in this area.  The pilot book advises sailors to look out for plastic sheeting, up to 100 metres long, that has been blown off the fields into the sea.  Not the usual kind of navigational hazard!