More Sydney arrival photos

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Steve & Chris
Tue 8 Dec 2015 23:31

Tuesday 8th December 2015



Coming down the coast towards Port Jackson, Manly in foreground, Sydney CBD behind.


m_IMG_6990.jpg                m_IMG_6993.jpg

The rocky outcrop on North Head looked like a face.                                        Looking north back up the coast from North Head.


m_IMG_6996.jpg                m_DSC_7913.jpg

Distinctive white lighthouses mark the shorelines.                                             The Manly ferry rushing by.


m_DSC_7905.jpg                m_DSC_7919.jpg

A helicopter joined in the hustle, bustle and noise...                                         ...followed shortly by a Hercules aircraft


m_DSC_7929.jpg                m_DSC_7936.jpg

The Sydney CBD skyline.


m_DSC_7941.jpg                m_DSC_7958.jpg

Fort Denison.                                                                                                                     The Opera House from the boat, with winch as proof (Rob Bell!)



Our first stop in Sydney Harbour – pink courtesy mooring, 2 hr max.