Passage to Kumai, Kalimantan, Borneo

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Steve & Chris
Sat 23 Sep 2017 21:48

02:44.318S 111:44.026E


Saturday 23rd September 2017


Distance run: 400 nm


We left Lovina, Bali just before first light on Wednesday in next to no wind, hoping that it would pick up enough to sail by once the sun was up.  We spent almost the entire 400 nmile passage putting up and taking down sails, with the engine on much of the time. 


Night sailing was a chore, looking constantly for lights that would indicate nets or fishing boats or both.  Squid boats were the easiest to deal with as their lights are visible over the horizon and they tend to be anchored, so dodging around them is fairly easy.  Except of course when they decide to move just as you get near them!


Just as we were thinking we would need to motor all the way, the wind picked up at last and we had a glorious sail overnight on Wednesday, and then again overnight last night, which meant that we wouldn’t need to top up the diesel tank under way.


We arrived at the mouth of the Kumai River around 0800 and then began the 20 nmiles or so upriver to anchor opposite the town of Kumai.  We called Harry, the go-to man in Kumai and he came out to the boat to organise our boat trip to see the orang utans.  We would be picked up from Scott-Free on Tuesday morning and spend the next three days and two nights on the klotok (river boat) on the Sekonya River.  Exciting!