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Steve & Chris
Sat 2 Jan 2016 22:58

Saturday 2nd January 2016


After a lazy day yesterday, we spent a much more energetic day visiting Taronga Zoo.  We took a ferry from Circular Quay to the wharf below the zoo, and rode on the chairlift up to the top entrance. 



The CBD from the chairlift.


We spent a very enjoyable day at this well laid-out zoo, the highlight of the visit for us being the gorillas.  They have a family group of four adults – a silverback male and three females, two of which had babies.  It was wonderful to watch them so close up, though of course it was also a little sad that they were in captivity.  This group, however, is part of a breeding programme as these gorillas are threatened in the wild. 


m_IMG_7965.jpg                m_IMG_7974.jpg

The silverback male.                                                                                                       One of the females with baby on her back.


m_IMG_7958.jpg                m_IMG_7960.jpg

Beginning to eat solids.                                                                                                 Holding on tight!


m_IMG_7939.jpg            m_IMG_7935.jpg

A wide-awake koala, posing!                                                     Tree wallaby.


m_IMG_7950.jpg                m_IMG_7992.jpg

Giraffes in the ‘African’ section, harbour bridge behind.                                A kookaburra hoping to find some easy food.


After a very pleasant lunch at the restaurant overlooking the harbour, we watched the free-flight bird show, which was very interesting and entertaining, and not at all what I was expecting.  A variety of birds flew in on cue as a story was narrated.  At one point an owl flew over our heads so close we could feel the air move.  It was great fun. By now it was time to head home, so we made our way to the bottom entrance, which at one time was the main entrance to the old zoo, which first opened on this site in 1916.   Then it was a short walk to the ferry and bus back to the boat.


m_IMG_8016.jpg                m_IMG_8003.jpg

The original entrance to the zoo, built on this site in 1916.                              The view across the harbour from the bottom entrance.


m_IMG_8027.jpg                m_IMG_8029.jpg

Looking out over the boats from the road at Cammeray marina, before descending the 109 steps down to sea level.

S-F is right in the centre with the white flag two-thirds up the mast.