North River

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Steve & Chris
Sat 4 Jun 2011 17:57
36:14.5N 75:56.04W
Saturday 4th June 2011
Distance run: 24 nmiles
A short day's run today to get us to the mouth of a long stretch of canal that has only one stop which is an expensive marina, so we want to enter the canal next morning and make it through in one go. So wehad a later start and 0900 were picking our way through the crab pots back to the ICW channel. By lunchtime we had the anchor down and spent a lazy afternoon at anchor.
In the evening we all gathered on board Nimue for drinks and dinner.  As we were leaving,we discovered thousands of flying bugs around the dinghy, and as we approached Scott-Free we discovered thousands more. The boat was covered in them,and we hastily made our way below and shut the hatch,hoping they would be gone by the morning.