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Tue 9 Jun 2009 15:22
41:10.84N 29:36.39E
Tuesday 9th June 2009
After a peaceful night at anchor in Poyraz, we set off for the short 20-mile trip to our first real Black Sea port - Şile.  We were surprised at the height of the seas,given that there had been no strong winds overnight, and we made quite slow progress because of the big swell that constantly pushed us back.  We have since discovered that it doesn't take much wind to set up a swell in the Black Sea, as it is constantly being fed by rivers from the North, including the Danube.  Also,if there are strong winds further offshore, the big swell finds its way to the southern coastline. 
So after a lumpy ride we arrived at Şile to find a large,well-sheltered harbour and made our way over to a corner where we could see two other yachts moored.  By now we are quite adept at laying out the kedge anchor over the stern and tying up the bows to the quay.  However,on this occasion we misjudged the length of the kedge line and it ran out with still a good 10 metres to go.  Hoping that it would pull itself up taught but have enough give to allow us to reach the quay, we continued forward, only to be stopped 5 metres short of the quay by a kedge anchor that had well and truly dug in!  This had the effect of pullinjg the bows round to starboard, and the guy from the boat on that side, who had gone onto the quay to take our lines, could only stand and watch as our bow anchor put a rather jaunty bend in one of his stanchions!  We managed to extricate ourselves without further damage, and then had the enjoyable task of pulling up the kedge and starting all over again - this time waiting a little longer before putting the anchor out!
All went well second time around and the guy with the bent stanchion was unperturbed.  He suggested we hand over some euros to cover the cost of repair, which we did, and everyone was happy.  It wasn't until a chance comment from another boat about the range of their insurance cover, that we suddenly realised we hadn't checked with the insurance company whether we were covered in the Black Sea.  We contacted them and discovered that we were NOT covered, so just as well we only damaged a stanchion on the other boat!  Neither had we been covered in the Bosphorous!  We immediately put that right and were pleased to find it only cost £70 to extend the cover, but were not pleased to find that the excess went up to £1000 for any claims made in the Bosphorous or the Black Sea!
Şile turned out to be a pleasant little town, mainly a fishing town with a beach that catered for Turkish holidaymakers.  We decided we liked it here and would stay a day to enjoy it.  The next day saw the arrival of Meand'er, who we had left in Bostanci, and we enjoyed an evening meal together in one of the local restaurants.