'Home' again - Marmaris

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Steve & Chris
Sun 11 Oct 2009 11:46
36:49.143N 28:18.555E
Sunday 11th October 2009
Just had to have another swim before leaving the crystal clear waters of Navarone Bay, then up with the anchor which was no trouble to break out as it hadn't even dug in, then we were on our way back 'home'.  
Another day of motoring through lack of wind, and of keeping our fingers crossed that the water pump wouldn't suddenly give up completely.  But it held out, and we made it back to Marmaris by mid-afternoon.  It was lovely to see the familiar Turkish landscape as we approached the bay, and we were soon bows to on Juliet pontoon in Yacht Marine as if we had never been away.  On our way past Hotel pontoon we were met by Rob and Sarah from Serafina who arrived here a couple of weeks before us and had settled into marina life admirably!  We soon had the coffee machine plugged in and they joined us for a cappuchino and to catch up on news.
It's good to be back.  We've sailed some 2,200 nautical miles since leaving the marina in May and had a wonderful summer.  We still have to pinch ourselves at times to make sure we're not dreaming it all.  Now we're making plans for the winter and looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones here in the marina, and friends and family at home in the new year. 
We have two lots of visitors lined up over the next few weeks - Chris's brother Andy and his partner Mo arrive in just a few days, and Chris's daughter Kirstie and grandchildren Maisie-Jane and Jake come out on the 28th - and we are very much looking forward to spending time with them all.  We have been lucky to have friends and family come to stay over the summer, and hope that many more will come in the future.  You all know where we are!