Chillin' out

Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Fri 27 Jun 2008 16:43
Having rushed off to a pontoon party the moment the lines were tied, we
didn't have a chance to pop the cork on our celebratory bottle of bubbly,
so our first day in Lagos started, rather late, with a champagne

That evening we had the final Rally prizegiving dinner, at which all boats
received a prize. Slowly the crews have been drifting off home and the
boats are either moving to their permanent berths here or making
preparations for the next leg of their journeys.

We had planned to move on fairly quickly, but it appears that the new
pumps for the watermaker have to be shipped from the US and won't be here
till at least Monday. So we are here till then. It seems a little quiet
now after all the partying of the rally, but all of the boats are still
here and whilst things are a little less hectic, they are still very

We are now chilling out (if that's possible in 35+ degrees of heat!) and
making plans for the next leg into the Med, which we hope will be by the
middle of next week, or the end at the very latest.

So, more soon...