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Steve & Chris
Mon 25 Aug 2008 20:53
38:00.84N 12:29.96E
The passage from Portoscuso to Trapani, Sicily was not a particularly pleasant one.  The weather was more like the Solent than the Med, and the first night brought rain and winds of F6 which really whipped up the sea in no time at all, making for a wet and less than comfortable ride.  We actually had to get the oilies out of the locker for the first time since Biscay.  Once this had passed, the weather was very unsettled and no sooner would we let the sails out than the wind would pick up and we had to shorten them again.
So we were glad to arrive in Trapani, and having read of Rob & Sarah's stay here on Serafina a couple of weeks ago, we expected to be able to get reasonably priced berthing at the boatyard and some work done on the boat.  Not so.  The boatyard was full, and they seemed totalling lacking in any interest in doing jobs to the boat, and although the guy very helpfully rang his mate at the 'marina' 200 yards along the harbour for a berth for us, it turned out that they wanted 90 euros a night to stay there!  We politely declined and promptly slipped back off the mooring.  We then went to the 'marina' at the opposite end of the harbour and found a berth there, though even this cost 65 euros.
The area around the harbour is very run down.  We borrowed some bikes and had a ride around, and it is not the most attractive place we have been to.  So athough both tired after the passage from Sardinia, we are rather disappointed in Trapani and have decided to stay one night and leave tomorrow for a day sail along the coast, probably to Sciacca.