Ag Giorgos

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Steve & Chris
Fri 21 Aug 2009 15:12
38:50.2N 22:52.95E
Friday 21st August 2009
We left Orei mid-morning and with a fair wind blowing for once, we put up the Yankee and enjoyed a lazy sail along the Orei channel to Karavomilos.  As we approached the bay, the wind picked up and the seas became quite lumpy, and we could see white water right into the bay.  At this point we decided that this anchorage was not likely to provide much shelter either from the wind or the sea, and so we did an about turn and headed for a little village in the Evia channel which we felt would offer a better night's sleep!
The pilot book said that the village of Ag Giorgis had a jetty we might find room alongside or else a reasonably sheltered anchorage.  When we arrived at Ag Giorgis, we could not see the jetty for fishing boats, much less tie alongside it, so we dropped the anchor as close in as we could to shelter from the winds that were now quite strong.  Eventually they died down and in the end we had a good night's sleep.  We did not go ashore, but the village looked very pretty from the boat.