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Sun 30 Sep 2012 13:06

Sunday 30th September 2012


We spent an enjoyable three weeks in Grenada on the second visit.  We hadn’t got our hopes up too high that Wilma would come out for a visit, but when we got a call out of the blue from Des to say he was at the marina, we couldn’t help but get excited.  Sure enough, there was Wil, looking very well and with her usual big smile.  It was so lovely to see her in Grenada at long last, and we really enjoyed spending time with her & Des and catching up with news. 


We went to stay at their house for a long weekend- we were given the master bedroom and could not have been more comfortable or felt more welcome.  We went to meet Wilma’s Mum over in St David’s, and enjoyed meeting Wilma & Des’s friends and neighbours at a barbecue at the house.  Lindra joined us and we made a return trip to the Aquarium Restaurant for Sunday lunch by the beach.


What with one thing and another – Des’s car not working being one of them - we didn’t manage to get out on the boat for a sail.  Our primary winches needed servicing, and when we started to take them apart we realised this was not going to be straightforward.  Several of the pins that hold the gears in place had rusted and were impossible to get out without removing the winches from the deck, which was a task in itself as they were not only bolted on but stuck firmly in place with Sikaflex.  Once again, don’t you just love the Turks?!  We had to have new pins made, and in the end another ‘5-minute job’ turned out to be a several day job with the boat effectively out of action for sailing.  So Wilma’s lunch in a quiet bay was cancelled and we had to settle for lunch at the yacht club instead. 


m_P9200235.jpg                           m_P9200234.jpg

Greasing the cogs prior to re-building the winch.                                                               Old pins on right after cleaning rust off – new pins on left.


Lindra invited us to go with her to Jonty’s school where he was taking part in an inter-school debating competition.  Unfortunately the timings were changed and so we missed Jonty’s big moment, but it was interesting to see the youngsters in action.  The school is situated high up on the hill at St George’s and from the hall where the debate was held, we could see right across the bay.  How does anyone get any work done?! 



m_P9160189.jpg                           m_P9160192.jpg

On the verandah at Wilma’s Mum’s.  (Des sleeping.)                                                       Wilma and her Mum.


m_P9170193.jpg                           m_P9170194.jpg

Breakfast on the verandah at Wilma & Des’s.                                                                     Typical Grenadian breakfast – frybake, fried plantain and saltfish.


m_P9180206.jpg                           m_P9180208.jpg

‘Our’ boudoir.                                                                                                                                   View from the verandah, sea visible under big tree to left.


m_P9170197.jpg                           m_P9180210.jpg

Des taking a nap.                                                                                                                             This plot of land next to their house is for sale.  Hmmm…..


m_P9170200.jpg                           m_P9170202.jpg

Des busy barbecuing chicken and fish….                                                                                Steve helping with the sausages.


m_P9250249.jpg                           m_P9190230.jpg

Bluggas (a type of banana) from Wil & Des’s garden.                                                     Fruit from their & neighbours’ gardens.


m_P9240244.jpg                           m_P9270253.jpg

Lunch at ‘Aquarium’ with Lindra.                                                                                              Lunch at the Grenada Yacht Club in St George’s.


m_P9270262.jpg                           m_P9270258.jpg

Captain Wilma.                                                                                                                                 Taking it easy on Scott-Free (Des woke up just in time for photo!)


All too soon Wilma’s three weeks came to an end, and today she is flying back to the UK.  Meeting up with her here in Grenada had been a long time in the planning, and it was wonderful that it finally came to fruition.  It made all those miles beating to windward worthwhile.