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Steve & Chris
Tue 19 May 2009 11:56
36:43.1N 27:41.06E
Tuesday 19th May
Up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 0600 to set off for Datça, where we planned to clear out of Turkey and get our Global Refund cheque stamped by customs (to get some of the VAT back that we paid on the work on the boat.)  We hadn't bothered to add Nick to the crew list because we were going to check out anyway, and planned to say, if questions were asked, that he joined us in Datça.  This little plan was foiled, however, in two ways - first of all a gentleman from the Port Police met us in the rib as we went ashore (and there were very clearly THREE of us getting off the boat!) and then it turned out, after they had processed all the paperwork, that they couldn't deal with the Customs work because we needed a Class 1 customs.  Great!
Apart from its rather enthusiastic Port Police, Datça seems like a very pleasant little port.  We enjoyed a rather expensive beer on the quayside whilst awaiting the wheels of beaureaucracy to turn exceedingly slow - then discovered it was a public holiday and they were all off duty anyway!! Wouldn't get that in England!