Day sail to Labuan Bajo

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Steve & Chris
Sun 3 Sep 2017 12:46

08:31.049S 119:52.044E


Sunday 3rd September 2017


Distance run: 21 nm


Although it was only a short run to Labuan Bajo, we were up early so we lifted the anchor soon after 0700 and wound our way through the reef and out into clear water.  There were a lot of little islands and reefs between us and our next anchorage, so we chose to take the long way round in the deeper water where there were fewer obstacles.  There was no wind at all, so we didn’t even put up a sail, just motored the whole way.


m_IMG_3778.jpg                m_IMG_3780.jpg

Looking back as we leave Gili Bodo anchorage.                                                  The island of Gili Bodo – the anchorage was at the end of the low bit.


m_IMG_3791.jpg                m_DSC_0061.jpg

The hills surrounding Labuan Bajo.


m_IMG_3786.jpg                m_IMG_3789.jpg

We passed several small islets on the way into the bay at Labuan Bajo.  We thought this small rock looked like a sphinx. Well it did at the time!


We put the anchor down before lunch off the beach at the Puri Sari Beach hotel, where there were already over a dozen rally boats anchored.  The town of Labuan Bajo is about a nautical mile away, but the anchorage there is full of local boats, mostly trip boats as this is the centre of dive and day trips into the Komodo National Park.  Off the beach here, we are well away from the hustle and bustle of the main port – and apparently we are able to use the resort’s swimming pool free of charge.  Can’t be bad!


Steve hopes to do some diving while we are here, as it is said to be one of the best dive areas in Indonesia, so after lunch we’ll go ashore and head into town to book up a trip, or maybe two...