Blue Mountains (1) - Govett's Leap

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Steve & Chris
Sun 10 Jan 2016 15:18

Sunday 10th January 2016


We packed up the car and set off for a few days in the Blue Mountains.  As it was the weekend, we decided to avoid the main town of Katoomba and drive via Bells Line of Road into the mountains.  It was a lovely drive through some beautiful scenery along winding country roads to Bell, which we thought would be a village, but if it is, we couldn’t find it!  All we found was a train station, and a road junction where we turned off onto Darling Causeway to Mount Victoria and then on to Blackheath.  Here we stopped for a bite of lunch before driving to Govetts Leap.


m_IMG_0446.jpg                m_IMG_0447.jpg

Govett’s Leap looks out over the Grose Valley.                                                   The blue haze is what gives the mountains their name.



m_IMG_0450.jpg            m_IMG_0450 (2).jpg

‘Leap’ is a Scottish dialect word for ‘waterfall’, so Govett’s Leap is actually a waterfall, not a place someone jumped off!



Govett’s Leap.